Project idea - trilux

Already in 1999, the city of Trier developed the idea of implementing a cross-border science park Trier-Luxembourg. It quickly became clear that Esch-sur-Alzette would be the ideal partner for this endeavour. After an extensive project study supported by the Interreg III programme, a unique location is now arising, which is ready to bundle
the advantages of these two cities and to offer cross-border added value to innovative companies and businesses based in these cities or willing to relocate there.
Alongside the cities of Trier and Esch-sur-Alzette, the Science Park Trier, the Technoport in Esch and the Ministries of Economy of Luxembourg and Rhineland-Palatinate were also involved in the development of this innovative cross-border project. Moreover, in order to assess their needs, companies were integrated early  into the development process by means of business and industry conferences.
Out of the project development phase, the idea for a strategic, cross-border cooperation between businesses has emerged. This cooperation aims for the two sites’ economic development, which evolved independently thus far, yet overlap in their fundamental issues:
Therefore, trilux has to pursue the following main objectives:  


trilux. two places - one spirit.