Project implementation

For a genuine cooperation
trilux’s conceptual focus is on the bundling of the advantages of the German and Luxembourgish locations, which puts emphasis on the respective strengths, supports networks and creates added values that specifically support companies in their development.
trilux - the business provider
Encouraged by the positive results of a feasibility study, the cities of Trier and Esch-sur-Alzette have decided to approach the location initiative with groundbreaking European character. As part of the EU’s Interreg-IV-A Greater Region Programme, an application for promotion was filed and accepted.
trilux plays the role of the cross-border business provider and takes care of the development of the two locations. trilux creates common, cross-border added value for innovative companies and businesses from the sectors of health, information and communications technology, advertising and design as well as innovative construction. 
The aim is to regroup by project the two regions’ innovative small and medium-sized companies and businesses from the afore-mentioned and to show them new cross-border perspectives of common development.

trilux. two places - one spirit.